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Memorial Profile
  • Name: Fuxin mass graves memorial
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Fuxin mass graves site galleries Is a comprehensive display the Japanese invaders plunder Fuxin coal resources, a large number of miners killed in the history of sin, miners disgraceful history and resistance comprehensive museum of history.

Theme of "struggling prey killed.", is divided into preface hall, the first exhibition hall invaded the northeast exploitation, the second exhibition hall bloody mining The conscience, the third exhibition hall bloody uprisings Imbued with supreme heroism, fourth exhibition hall taking history as a mirror A dream of the Chinese and the tail hall.

History on display pictures, charts, according to 220, 200 pieces of cultural relics, through sculpture, recovery scenario, the combination of painting and lively tour of the Japanese invaders during the Fuxin's atrocities and Fuxin labor the miserable condition of the history of the scene. Using sound and light and multimedia stereo shows half a landscape painting the rebellion to break the sufferings of the labor life, well into the coal, by bullying and their plotting riot scene.

Exhibition integrated use of advanced display method, exhibition of unity of authenticity, substantial, vivid, highly visual impact, spiritual shock and appeal.