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To the indelible history - a septuagenarian contributed a physical proof of Japanese army’s crime of aggression against China

Number of visits: Date:2016-12-13

On December 13, the National Memorial Day, a special handover ceremony was underway in Fuxin Mass Graves Memorial. Gao Jingqun, a septuagenarian from the Xinqiu District donated a “Pocket Atlas of Manchoukuo” he collected - a proof of Japanese army’s crime of aggression against China - to the Fuxin Mass Graves Memorial, to expose the crimes committed by the Japanese invaders, and alert future generations not to forget the history and bear in mind the national humiliation. 


It is learned that the “Pocket Atlas of Manchoukuo” was collected by Gao more than 40 years ago, which consists of 8 pieces, bound in the foldable manner, the sizes range of atlas are from 8mo to 32mo, including the overall map of the former Manchoukuo, as well as the detailed terrains, mountains, rivers and villages in the major cities of the three northeast provinces at that time. The Atlas has very high accuracy, which was used as military maps by Japanese officers of middle and lower ranks, and the agents of Japanese armies. It is also an evidence of the crime of Japanese invaders conspiring to occupy Northeast China, which has significant historical and educational values. 

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