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Mirror the Present with the Past, and Look out into the Future - Fuxin Mass Graves Memorial entered campus for photo exhibition tour

Number of visits: Date:2016-10-17

Mirror the Present with the Past, and Look out into the Future - Fuxin Mass Graves Memorial entered campus for photo exhibition tour

Fuxin Mass Graves Memorial is a national patriotism education demonstration base. In order to give full play to the memorial hall’s publicity and education function, and further inspire future generations to remember the history, and not to forget the national humiliation, on October 14 and 17, 2016 our staff respectively came to the Experimental Primary School of Fuxin Development Zone and Fuxin No. 16 Middle School to carry out the “Mirror the Present with the Past, and Look out into the Future” photo exhibition campus tour of Mass Graves Memorial. 


With more than 40 exhibition panels and 84 pictures, the exhibition detailed the start-up, implementation and present use of the maintenance and protection project of our memorial, and gave a brief introduction about the members of the Northeast Anti-Japanese War Relic Union. In this activity, our instructors were well prepared and explained to the students meticulously and patiently. The students listened attentively, and expressed that such historical knowledge could barely be heard in the classroom. This was the first time for them to learn about the history of Fuxin and Fuxin miners’ indomitable resistance against invaders from a source outside their textbooks. 


The campus tour is of profound significance, which has greatly provoked students’ love for the motherland and the hometown, which passes on the positive energy. The Strength of a Nation Depends on its Youth. Young people are the future of the country. History will not be forgotten with the passage of time, but handed down from generation to generation.

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