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Protection item

Fuxin mass graves memorial hall is located in Fuxin Taiping city dead miners Sun Jia Wan street new garden street no. 1, Fuxin mining bureau in 1968, construction and management, transfer of Fuxin city people's government in 2007. Site is mainly formed in the 1936-1936, covers an area of more than 56 square meters, buried the remains of dead miners, with more than 70000. Has discovered three group of buried pit (physical qing gong bones pit 1, bones dead miners pit 2). This is the northeast and even the whole country is relatively intact puppet army invaded China site dead miners.

Fuxin mass graves recorded the Japanese imperialists plundered the coal resources, cruel bondage China labor history, inspire people not forget national humiliation, sockets, has important historical value and social value.

In October 2014, Xi Jin ping, general secretary of Fuxin mass graves after the important instructions on the memorial service protection dead miners, memorial to conduct a comprehensive maintenance protection immediately, all the work obtained the national and provincial government attaches great importance to. Fuxin  municipal  party committee, municipal government to promote the mass graves memorial service protection project implementation.

Fuxin mass graves memorial dead miners maintenance protection program divided into two categories: body protection and the new accessory works. After more than eight months of intensive work, completed at June 30, 2015, reopened on August 15.

  Memorial hall, after the reconstruction and taken on a new look. Skeletons accused the cruelty and greed of the invaders, vivid reduction the hero's unyielding and modern display facilities, towering monument remember the humiliation of the Chinese nation and national, here, we remember the dead compatriots, remind the posterity taking history as a mirror and looking into the future, do not forget national humiliation, a dream of the Chinese.